Flies to Tie
Mohican Fly Fishers of Ohio
Copyright Mohican Fly Fishers Club ©2007
Quillback Nymph

Thread: 8/0 black

Hook: 16 - 22

Tail:  Pheasant tail fibers 2-3

Abdomen: Striped peacock Quill

Wing Case:   Partridge or
Pheasant Tail

Thorax:   Brown rabbit dubbing

Head: Whip finish
    Tying the Quillback

    Start thread 3/4 way down shank.
    Tie in Pheasant Tail fibers for the
    tail then tie in quill stopping at the
    bend. Wrap quill 3/4 up the hook
    shank, now tie in wing case
    wrapping back over the quill
    about 2-3 wraps add 3-4 wraps of
    dubbing, pull over wing case and
    tie off then whip finish the head;
    add cement.

    (Picture and Fly by Steve Rose)

Hook: Mustad Scud Hook Size 14

Thread: Black 6/0

Bead Head: 1/8" Brass

Dubbing: Peacock Green Krystal

Tail: Olive or Tan Marabou

Head: Brown Dubbing

Ribbing: Fine Green Copper wire
    Tying the R.K. Krystal

    Tie in about 1/8" Marabou at the
    bend of the hook and tie in green
    cooper wire. Add the peacock
    green dubbing about 2/3 of the
    way on the hook. Add the copper
    wire ribbing and tie off. Now add
    the brown dubbing and tie off.
    Add head cement.

      (Picture and Fly by Ron Kyle)
Chicago ( Leach)

Hook:  #10-#12 / 2x long

Thread: 6/0 Black

Tail: Mohair

Body: Mohair

Head: Thread
    Tying the Chicago Leach:

    Start thread at bend of hook. Use
    4" piece of mohair; tie in mohair
    at bend leaving enough for tail to
    extend past bend the length of
    hook shank. Tie in lead wire; 10
    to 12 wraps, centered on the
    hook shank. Wrap thread up to
    just behind head, now warp
    mohair up the shank to thread tie
    off. Add two pieces of krystal
    flash, one on each side tie off and
    whip finish head. Add 2 or 3 coats
    of head cement. Let dry between

     (Picture and Fly by Steve Rose)