About Us
Mohican Fly Fishers of Ohio
Mohican Fly Fishers Club is a group of men and women who enjoy the sport of fly-fishing. We
operate as a non-profit organization to promote and foster fly -fishing, fly tying, casting, and other
related fly-fishing arts such as rod building or net making, among others. The club encourages fly-
fishing for all fish in all waters and will focus on the diversity of fishing for different species as the
seasons change.

The Mohican Fly Fishers was started in January 1994 in Loudonville, Ohio and the first meeting
was lead by Walt Dutka. During the second meeting, officers were elected: Ron Kyle was the first
President; Brian Odenkirk was Secretary; Dan Mosher was Treasurer; and Jim Hineman wrote the
newsletter. The meetings were held at Rader’s Restaurant in Loudonville, but before the end of the
first year, the club relocated to the Gorman Nature Center in Mansfield, Ohio. In early 2008 the
club relocated to the American Legion in Bellville, Ohio. After all these years of existence, our club
is still virtually unknown by the general public. One of the club's goals is to be more visual to the
public by having volunteering club members participating in a variety of events throughout the

We are an affiliate club of
Fly Fishers International through the Ohio Council. We provide a political
voice for fly fishers and act unilaterally, or in conjunction with other conservation organizations,
including the ODNR, to protect, promote and improve the Mohican Valley Fishery and elsewhere.
We promote adherence of Ohio’s Fishing Regulations, Club Rules, and sound conservation
principles and ethics. We try to establish good relationships with landowners along the waterways
through the positive actions of our club's members and activities.

Before and after conducting our monthly business meetings, the members tie flies, watch videos, or
participate in fly fishing related arts. Occasionally, we will meet at ponds or rivers for casting
practice. Members represent all levels of experience from beginners through veterans, and someone
is always available to answer questions, or teach new skills. The club has a book and video library
for its members' use and the club is always interested in expanding its collection if someone wishes
to donate such items for this cause.

From Spring through Fall members have assisted the ODNR in its stocking program, built rock
dams for trout, and assisted in river clean-up days. We do aquatic insect surveys for the Richland
Conservatory District to help monitor the water quality. For the past few years the club's home
fishing water, "The Clear Fork of the Mohican River", has been stated by the EPA as being the
cleanest river in the state of Ohio. We need your help and support to keep this river pristine.

The most publicly fished area of the Clear Fork River is inside the Mohican State Park between
Pleasant Hill Dam and State Route 3.  This area is known to club members as the "Lower Clear
Fork".  The river has been stocked with brown trout yearly since 1992 and can be fished all year
long if the water level permits.  Bass, crappie, bluegill, carp, and saugeyes are readily caught in the
river as well, with an occasional muskie falling prey to some unexpecting fisherman.  The Clear
Fork River is only one of three rivers in the state that is cool enough to maintain a trout population
year around.

The stretch of the Clear Fork River above Pleasant Hill Lake is known by the club members as the
"Upper Clear Fork".  This area is mostly private property, and the status of being a club member in
good standing may help with access to some of these fishing locations.  The Newville Bridge area
toward the lake is public access, and when the white bass make their Spring run, there can be
some hot fly fishing action when using streamers.
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    All club members are encouraged to join our Mohican Fly Fishers of Ohio Yahoo
    Group. This is a members only group that will help members keep up with the club
    activities and discussions between meetings. All currently paid members can
    request access to this group by sending an email to the Webmaster and asking
    for entry.
    The monthly meetings are the second Wednesday of each month and are held at
    the American Legion in Bellville, Ohio (map) unless otherwise noted on the
    calendar. The meetings start at 6pm. Visitors are welcome!